Naked Determination

41 Stories About Overcoming Fear

It's About Overcoming Fear...
Fear is a powerful force in human lives.
If if we want to accomplish anything of significance
we must first overcome fear,
e.g. the fears of being a failure, being alone, the future...

   "... I appreciate your thoughtfulness and am grateful for 
your work
inspiring others to be fearless..." -- Hillary Clinton
  "... The overall theme of the book is that fear is a powerful force in human lives 
and that if we are to accomplish anything of significance it must be overcome. 
Hausmann uses experiences from her life to describe some of the many forms that 
fear can come in, running the gamut from the fear of success to the fear of failure. 
The context of the fear also covers a great deal of ground... "
(Charles Ashbacher, Amazon Top Reviewer)

  Everybody has fears, some are more rational than others. 

The fear that we won't find our dream job... OR
The fear that we will be inadequate for our dream job...
The fear that we won't make enough money... OR
The fear that we'll lose our money or get cheated out of it...
Instead of  having to work through some laborious program
you can read 
'Naked Determination, 41 Stories About Overcoming Fear'
and laugh about it.

Reading the book feels like a chat at fireside, plus it's fun.
There is no need for filling out worksheets or doing exercises
'Naked Determination' is empowerment through creative ideas!

'Naked Determination' covers the entire spectrum from basic fears to fears for the future.

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